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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Word of Hashut #11 is finally out

Release of Issue #11 of the Word of Hashut

Well it was another overly long production cycle, but Issue #11 of the Word of Hashut is finally out: Word of Hashut #11 As I note in my editorial inside the issue the Word of Hashut will be undergoing a diet in the future in order to manage to get it out on time. In short it’s about time or more precisely the lack there-of.

So for those that aren’t regulars of Chaos Dwarfs Online here’s the heads up that the latest issue is now indeed out.

I will point out however that issue #12 is slated for release in late March, but with going on vacation I don’t that is going to be likely. So its probably up to the Summer issue in June to get back on track but with moving (hopefully) you know the drill...  

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