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Friday, January 29, 2010

Look out for the New Minotaurs!

I'm not one of those doom and gloom folks that think that every new army that comes out is "broken".

I will point out however those new rules for Minotaurs in the Beastmen book are sick: S5; additional hand weapon or great weapon, boodgreed. Now I haven't faced off against them in years but wow.

Make you check out this months WD and see what they did to a unit of Grail Knights...


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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Defintion of insanity is this blog

Well as if I do not have enough to do I figured I'd actually use my blog space that I created nearly 2 years ago. This blog will mainly focus on the comings and goings of my websites that I'm either a Admin or Co Admin for: and; plus my work on the Word of Hashut ezine. Gold and Glory the ezine of Dogs of War Online may figure into here as well.

So be sure to stop back as I get this up and running.

Also some non-Warhammer related items my appear here from time to time.