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Friday, February 11, 2011

Nasty Skulkers = Sneaky Gits?

Nasty Skulkers ? Pretty cool name and nice new minis for the Orc and Goblin range, right? Well, yes and no. Yes to the cool new mini part, no to this being good for Chaos Dwarf players. Orc and goblin players should be embarrassed as they now have even more choices for their hordes. us Dawi Zharr  are still on the outside looking in. Normally the closest thing we have to an army book is the Orc and Goblin one because we have a number of units in there that we are able to use. So it is natural for us Chaos Dwarf players to take a peak and see what we can use. Enter the nasty Skulkers. Goblins who attack the flanks, backstab and retreat, sound like a certain Dawi Zharr unit by any chance?

Look at Nasty Skulkers and its obvious for us that Sneaky Gits come to mind and therein lies the problem. The reason why this is an issue is the fact that the two are so closely aligned in look and feel, that I wonder if it is a legitimate question that the did the Orcs and Goblins get one of our cooler units? Its legitamate to ask as we haven’t had a list in years so why wouldn’t GW pillage their own works for “new” ideas? The answer is there is nothing to stop them from doing so.

Now from the financial side, no matter how cool the minis are there is no way you are going assemble a Sneaky Git unit from these guys; its just not going to happen from the cost perspective. For a unit of Sneaky Gits you’d need 20 minimum and that means by at least 7 packs of these guys and $15 for 3: $105 for a unit, not very cost effective no mater the look of the minis; I like the look of them, but not that much.

In any event its another nice option for us Chaos Dwarf players and perhaps those that are not confident in their converting/green stuff skills. If the Chaos Dwarfs do get remade I wonder on the cross-over potential otherwise. I’d say low due to the fact that GW has been keeping armies as separate entities since 6th edition and I don’t see this changing.


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  1. With these and the Forge World Chaos Dwarves coming out, it's almost a tease for the fans of Hashut's legions.
    If GW ever does release the C.D. army, i somehow see them cutting all orcs and goblins (and hobgoblins!) from the list, just to make the models of dwarves fly off the shelves more.
    Great blog!