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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Top ten modules of all time

My Top 10 Favorite Dungeons and Dragons modules of all time

Seems that people like it around these parts when I write up Top 10 lists (or at least they generate lots of commentary cyber-fights) ;) So with that in mind I'm going to list my Top 10 favorite D&D/AD&D modules of all time. As that suggests that means I'm leaving out any editions later then 2nd.
And unlike what some have presented on Dragonsfoot, no I don't consider a module as only those that were "stand alone products, not anything that appeared in a magazine!" To me, that is entirely arbitrary and a module/adventure in terms of nomenclature is interchangeable.

Willmark's Top Ten
1) The Tomb of Horrors
2) UK4- When a Star Falls
3) Return to the Tomb of Horrors
4 Threshold of Evil- Dungeon #10
5) Iron Orb of the Druegar- Dungeon #43
6) G1-3 Against the Giants- a bit of a cheat choice here because I get to pick three modules all in one.
7) UK2- The Sentinel
8) UK3- The Gauntlet
9) T1- The Village of Hommlet
10) I2- Tomb of the Lizard King

Discuss away as to why I'm wrong (even though I know I'm not).