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Monday, January 1, 2018

Death on the Reik- Scale Model of Castle Von Wittgenstein

My favorite RPG might just be 1st Edition WFRP, followed by 2nd Edition AD&D. So with that in mind my thoughts have been turning to iconic images from 1st Edition WFRP. And if I don't have enough "irons in the fire" as it were when it comes to Warhammer projects my thoughts have been turning to the next large scale terrain project.

What got me thinking about it is this: 
T1 The Village of Hommlet was a classic, seminal module for many and the Moathouse (meat grinder thought it was/is) stands a indelible image of AD&D. I think for me it would be fairly easy to do something like this, but its already been done as it were. And I should add its an excellent model all around so no need to do it again.

So with that in mind, my thoughts have started to coalesce around this, a scale model of Castle Von Wittgenstein from Death on the Reik.

It's certainly an ambitious undertaking at a 25-28mm scale, but after this I think I can pull it off:

I don't think anyone has ever done something quite like this in terms of an old-school module as a terrain piece, that is in WFRP terms.

Now, I do have the module (obviously) but one thing I'd have to decide early on is which route to go. What do I mean by that? The floor plan/map is not the same as the art which is to be expected.
The tougher route to go with is the art because its just that one picture from the cover and the backside not shown would require some guess work based on the map.

NOTE: I've posted this a couple of different places (Chaos Dwarfs Online and the RPG Site) to gauge interest/ideas/feedback.

Right now this is in the idea phase only.


  1. It'd be an Interesting project to see take shape. You have plans and a nice set of design cues, so it shouldn't be all that difficult, but it's going to take a lot of filler to build up the cliff it's based on!

    1. Filler or some really thick styro and filler

  2. I have begun to work on this. So far there is a LOT of interest on the web.

  3. classic pic there, I love 1e WH as well. Very cool & ambitious project!