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Monday, January 24, 2011

Warhammer Forge?

OK guys on the other side of the pond... what in the name of Hashut is going on here? Last Gamesday UK the fickle chaos gods finally answered every loyal Dawi Zharr player out there, you know the ones that have been dreaming of Chaos Dwarfs since 4th-5th edition. Well, for those that missed it the world of Chaos Dwarfs was rocked by this: Loki's GamesDay Pics And since that time Forgeworld has only done this: Link to Not Much

In other words no much has changed on their website except rearrange their already existing Warhammer stuff.

So c'mon Chaps. At this rate my youngest child will have gone through three different editions of the game before they get something Chaos Dwarf related out the door.

Oh and one more thing: STEAM Power for daemonic engines?  STEAM POWER? This looks cool, it is a great model, running on Steam Power? Not so much.

I dont know about you fellow Dawi Zharr but as soon as I get my grubby mitts on this bad boy I'm making it daemonic powered like the Hell Cannnon.

In the meantime a quick update on Word of Hashut #11: This issue is taking me far longer then I would like, but I am slowly making progress. I can't promise a time but I am getting there.

Till the next update.


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