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Monday, January 31, 2011

Gamesday 2011????

So Gamesday 2011 is in Chicago this year and so far I am undecided as to whether or not I will be going. Last year at Baltimore was to be blunt: disappointing to say the least when clearly GW was holding back. What do I mean by this? To put it bluntly they held back EVERYTHING on the Warhammer side of the house and instructed no one to talk about the upcoming information for Warhammer Forge. There were plenty of rumors going around the net and clearly the GW staffers were in the know were clearly choosing their words very carefully. Sorry guys, GW is not Apple, the secrecy game works for them, you guys? Not so much. It was nice to spend time with my friends and the like and it was cool to get some games of Warhammer in (which is an all to infrequent thing these days for me), but if this was their attempt, I’d almost rather they didn’t, at all. That may sound harsh but I like the new game, its refreshing, its weeded out a lot of the math-hammer, “your missed that charge by 1/16” of an inch” whiney a-holes. All that said, Gamesday needs to be better.

Sorry, but another halfhearted attempt again doesn’t make me feel better considering time and distance to travel. Traveling to Chicago is not that much further for me as I can cut through lower Ontario Canada to shave off some considerable time and distance; so its probably a 9 hour drive as opposed to 7 to Baltimore from where I live in Rochester NY. So it’s not the distance that concerns me, but rather it’s the effort. I ask you GW why should I expend this time and effort for what has become a lack-luster event in general? I like the fact that its later this year (July 30th). I also look forward to see some of my friends in the Mid-West, but it’s largely a wasted effort on the Warhammer side of the house if GW does it half-assed again.  GW should note for me its not the money either, its rather the time and effort.

So as I stand here in late January, early February it’s a unsettled and uncertain thing: I want to go, I want GW to show me something there that will make it worth my time and effort, but sadly I have this sneaking feeling that if there are any big announcements, they will save it for Gamesday UK in the Fall and leave Gamesday US as a half-hearted attempt again. Note: that’s not that I know of any because usually when I post these things my inbox gets flooded, ;)

As to how this could be better (as I a firm believer rather then complaining offer up constructive criticism) is this: Rather then instructing everyone to talk about nothing or with half speak, how about some open dialogue. I fail to see what GW gains by being so closed. I’m sorry the consumer is getting smarter and from where I live not everyone is jumping on the latest army anymore; people aren't that free with their money anymore, even the “kids”. So if the fear is that “If we tell you, you’ll just wait until that army comes out…” Guess what GW? I’ve been doing that for years, I have money I will give you for the product that I want. Apparently you don’t want that money, so here I wait.

How about you? What are your thoughts regarding attendance at the closest Gamesday to you this year?


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