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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The end of the Patriots "Dynasty?"

With the loss of the New England Patriots to the Jets on Sunday, the Super Bowl that was already ordained to be their bright right from on high... oops that part didn't go so well did it. Looky, looky, see what happens when you assume? The Jets came out were hungrier and wanted it more. One wonders if this "dynasty" ended years ago and someone forgot to tell them.

For those not in the know a little bit of history and as a Oakland Raiders fan I'll freely admit there is no way I'm going to be unbiased.

On January 19, 2002 the Raiders got robbed of a win with the infamous "Tuck Rule Game" where it was ruled that Tom Brady did not fumble. From that point then went on to win the super bowl behind the kicking of Adam Vinateri who would later kick another winner against the Carolina Panthers. Later they would win against the Eagles in 2007 (more on that later).

So this year after ripping off 8 straight wins the media was falling all over themselves to declare the Patriots the champs before the playoffs began...

And after listening to how Tom Brady was the All-Universe Quarterback this year, it got a bit much; the New England fans got to the point of intolerable. They are now almost as bad as Detroit Red Wings fans. The interesting thing is that I don't think I disliked the Patriots half as much as their smug fans. But after hearing some interesting things about the organization from someone with first hand knowledge one has to wonder if the Emperor truly had no clothes.

Since "Spygate" was discovers a few years back it is interesting to see that the Patriots have gone 5-5 since in the playoffs since their last Super Bowl win in 2007. Also makes one take a look at their prior to Super bowls. Sorry, but take away Adam Vinateri and a they have exactly one Super Bowl win. If Donovan NcNabb isn't gassed in the last "win" it becomes a loss.

Best ever Quarterback to ever play in the NFL is Tom Brady? Sorry, but as of right now there is one best ever QB and here he is, and I'm not even a San Francisco 49ers fan:

And add to the fact that Joe Cool never lost a Super Bowl... Tom Brady currently stands at 3-1. He might very well win another one. Fact of the matter is: Joe Cool won every time he was there. Brady took a 18-0 team to the Super Bowl... and lost. Also in Joe Cool's arsenal the time he needed a TD (not FGs) to win as in Super Bowl 25. Tom Brady is not the best QB ever he's good, top 10, maybe even top 5. But when the chips are down in the playoffs? Joe Montana delivered.

(For those wondering the next several posts coming up are Warhammer related).

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