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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Part II of the Repainting of my 3rd Edition Wood Elf Force.

Part II of the Repainting of my 3rd Edition Wood Elf Force.

The first unit of the rebuilt force can be found here.

Despite a major flood in the man cave of the basement, I was able to continue to churn out some more units. I've been working on two units simultaneously, one unit of 10 Wood Elf Wardancers and a unit of 20 Skarloc's Wood Elf Archers which will be used as Guards or Lord's Bowmen. The archers are nearly complete, but the Wardancers are fully complete!

As you can see, I've used some regular Wood Elf warriors and champion models to give them a unique look and feel. I have another unit of Wardancers that I'm still assembling models for. This unit is the left overs from the first unit in the sense of the actual War Dancer models. Back in the day I used the ten models I had as Sea Elf Wardancers for my High Elf force. These models were all  actual minis from the Wardancer range, but for the rebirth of the army I decided to spread them out across two units instead, make sense? The second unit will look more like the Wardancer troops depicted in the Warhammer Armies book.

In keeping with my first archer unit I repainted, I continued the look of fall foliage on the bases and movement trays. I plan on doing this for the entire army to give it a unified, autumnal look.

Next up? I have a unit of 4th edition Wood Elf Glade Guards. I've always liked better than the 3rd edition models for the Wood Elf Host. For the 3rd edition force they function as Warrior Kinbands obviously. My scratch built Wain Lord chariot is another possibility along with my first Treeman repaint.


  1. Just gorgeous sir. Looking forward to the 4th ed Glade Guards... some of my fav models ever.

  2. Many thanks for the kind words Mike! Not sure when I'll be getting to them but they will see paint at some point.