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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Warhammer 8th edition and the fate of Chaos Dwarfs?

Warhammer 8th edition
As the entire world is now talking about this I might as well post about it too ;)

But rather then hash out all the rumors that have already been gone over ad naseum I wonder what the fate of Chaos Dwarfs will be in 8th. As we know they were inserted into the back of the 7th edition books with the notation of no current rule book or some such. Then through the entire run of 7th, and 6th for that matter, nothing.

The question then becomes will GW remove them this time around? If they are in its probably a good sign that they will continue, if not, who knows what that means but its probably not anything good.

Like any business GW has to make money. They normally do not do anything and teh past results of Chaos Dwarfs are hardly encouraging in that regard. Lets just how that the efforts of has made them reconsider. I think that they have a far bigger fan base then creating another army out of left field like they did for Ogre Kingdoms.

I'd be hard pressed to name another faction of Warhammer that has more fan support then Chaos Dwarfs. Oh that's right there isnt one!

If they are not included I'm not sure I want to throw in the towel but by the same token the last chaos dwarf book was... 1993. Some people have never even seen the cover of White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs! In fact some who are playing Warhammer right now have never even seen them on the table top, some probably weren't even born yet. Man I now feel old.

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