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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Western gunslingers, Boot Hill style, circa 1983

That's minis that is...
On a lark I ran across a "VultureBay" auction for some vintage minis, vintage as in 1983 Boot Hill miniatures. For $3.50 I figured what the Hell and I ponied up and snagged them. A few days later they arrive.

Minis in Boot Hill makes perfect sense when one considers that Boot Hill 1st and 2nd edition are what I call "a miniatures battle game with a skeletal RPG system attached".  That's no knock against Boot Hill, I like it immensely as a system. So much so in fact Boot Hill lead me to create my own western RPG, Hurled into Eternity. Of course the fact that it is a skeletal RPG is the reason I created my own from whole cloth, rather then retrofit to Boot Hill.

I can't really recall seeing these guys on the shelf back in the day in gaming stores, but then again I wasn't really looking for them either, I was looking for Warhammer minis by the time I really became interested in the miniature aspect of the hobby.

I figured it was finally time to let the boys out..
Anyways, here is what I got in the haul: all in all very nice and in the blister too. Think about it, much like Stinky Pete in Toy Story 2 these guys have been in the box for quite some time, in their case for 31 years... So what did I do when I got them? Cut them out of the blister of course. An interesting thing about these minis is the fact that they came out in 1983. By this time (although we didn't know it) Boot Hill was in or near its near hibernation phase. Sure BH4 and BH5 would come out, and later 3rd edition Boot Hill, but it was closer to its run then the beginning.

In terms of scale they seem to be about 22mm. They are not as small as 20mm, but certainly not 28mm "heroic scale". The 28mm "heroic scale" Note: Warhammer minis will look absolutely huge next to these guys. They are inline with the scale of Ral Partha minis which were the big player back in the early 80s (most of our early D&D games when we used minis utilized Ral Partha minis unpainted or "somewhat" painted".)

Adventure squares?
The pack has three gun fighters; one is a clearly a gunslinger getting ready to draw, the second wields a rifle up level firing and the last is what looks to be a cowhand firing; also looks like he's wearing a sombrero. It also looks like he has a confederate style shirt with buttons down either side rather then the middle.

A few period appropriate minis for scale.
Another look at scale: the three gunslingers, a 2nd edition samurai warrior from Games Workshop and a 3rd edition samurai, likewise from GW. The gunslingers are close to their contemporary the 2nd edition samurai but a bit smaller then the 3rd edition one.

Lastly, as noted by the graphic to the right the back had "adventure squares"? They are the right scale so cut it out and bamm indoor dueling range!

In any event, I like them and will probably be painting them up to use for testing for Hurled into Eternity.

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  1. Bring 'em over on Saturday and compare them with some 25-28mm ones I have for DeadLands