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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Man Cave/Game Area

Everyone has one, I'm lucky enough that I have the whole basement to myself! We built a house in 2011 so the basement is unfinished. I've been thinking of ideas for a gaming area, but haven't come up with a theme I want just yet. But, there is part of me that likes the ad hoc manner in which I'm doing it, putting up posters, picking up bookcases on the side of the road* etc. It harkens back to the days when we played in my friends basement Saturday nights in High School, at least until we could drive ;)

So without further delay, here is the state of Willmark's man cave, circa 2013:

* As much as I like technology I still like books and I am getting scads of them on the cheap. Same goes for bookshelves. Seems everyday people are throwing out perfectly good ones, wooden not fiberboard no less.


  1. Some of those shelves look familiar ;-)

  2. Nahh, those are on the other side of the basement.

  3. The Ikea store could really help you out. It saved me a lot of space and freed up so much room for books and models I had laying around.