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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hurled into Eternity Revamp

Ok, been away for a bit, but I have been diligently working on my game, Hurled into Eternity. Over the last few weeks I ran into several snags with it and "went back to formula" with it. I didn't revamp the game totally by I excised the d100 mechanic and brought it to be fully based on a deck of cards. The Judge (GM section) still uses RPG dice for random events, but is not critical to the game.

Now the game and its core mechanics use what I call the "Wild Card System" where character values range from 0-10, with Jacks, Queens, and Kings initiating redraws; Aces are always successes. The funny part I thought it up quite by accident when looking at a suit spread out before me from the deck. Instead of thinking in terms of a score going from 1-13 (13 cards in each suit) I thought about groupings and thus the Wild Card System was born.

The next step (aside from editing) is some serious play testing before it even gets to the stage of a campaign. I'd like to see how all of the mechanics fit, everything from character creation to combat.

Once that is completed I anticipate making the text more friendly (I'm not the worlds best writer, but I try), and from there getting it ready for graphic design. The ultimate goal  is to get it to a point where it can be printed via Lulu or other print on demand formats., then after a period of time, PDF. I don't anticipate getting rich from this, but I think a selling it for a nominal price will be well worth it. All without a Kickstarter? Outrageous.

In any event here is the latest, 2.0 Alpha. Alpha is a bit of a misnomer as its well developed. My guess is that I've probably missed some spots where it calls for a roll of the dice rather then draw a card.

Latest version to download here:

EDIT: Ive also done away with Icebiter Games, from now on produced by Restless Rust Monster Publications.

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