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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tomorrow is gone, time to start really funding NASA

Truer words were never spoke and Neil deGrasse Tyson speaks them perfectly.

The next time you hear someone ask "why are we spending so much money on X rather then problems on Earth". Slap them upside the head.  The Us government spent more on TARP then the entire 50 year budget of NASA. The US government spends more  each year on Health Human Services & and social programs such as Medicare and Medicaid then the entire US defense budget! In short NASA's funding is ridiculously low.

Time to start dreaming again America, time to reach for the stars again. Thanks Neil deGrasse Tyson for pointing that out to us, perhaps someday soon we'll start reaching for them again.

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  1. You Sir, Are A Racist! Of course I kid but were a rabid Progressive to stumble across your post this is the most likely response you would get...