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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Greatest Warriors of the Westeros- #7 Gregor Clegane

Wait, what's this I hear you say? The Mountain that Rides is at #7 of the countdown of the greatest warriors of the Westeros? Preposterous, how can this be?

Well I'm glad you asked because when looked at from just the surface how could anyone beat out the Mountain? Well, if nothing else the Red Viper of Dorne might have some thoughts on the matter.

#7-Gregor Clegane
 For those not in the know the Mountain that Rides, aka Gregor Clegane is a massive, imposing man standing 7 feet tall and weighing in at 300 lbs. He's nasty, ill tempered and utterly ruthless; he's the type of ruthless that gives ruthless a bad name. Want an example? He raped Elia of Dorne after bashing her infant son against a wall. Further he burned his brother Sandor's face for simply playing with a unused toy of his. Further? It's rumored that he killed multiple members of his own family.

Encased in black armor and swinging a massive great sword there are few foes that can stand before him. And therein is his principal weapon: fear. His opponents know they are going to lose prior to fighting him. It's interesting to see just who is not intimidated by Gregor, namely Oberlyn Martell, the Red Viper or Dorne who casually remarks to his lover prior to fighting him "No, I'm going to kill that."

So when you strip away his advantages you are left with, reputedly the strongest man in the Westeros, a expert warrior, but also a lumbering one. The fact that the Red Viper uses to his advantage in slaying the Mountain.

Gregor should be noted that it's said he is without fear and also filled with nothing but rage. He is also so vengeful that he tries to kill the Knight of Flowers at the Tourney of the Hand in Kings Landing in A Game of Thrones for besting him in the joust. Only the intervention of his brother the Hound prevents this.

The Mountain also scores higher on the list as he has shown battlefield prowess in raiding the Riverlands and the Trident in A Clash of Kings during the War of Five Kings. The fact that it borders on extreme brigandage not withstanding. It could be argued he is only a tactician as the strategy comes from above, namely Tywin Lannister.

The Mountain serves a role in the books: that of a monster. His purpose is to be a unlikeable, un-killable machine devoid of and positive emotion. Even Tywin Lannister realizes that even noble lords have "need of a monster."

So there he is, the monster of the Westeros, The Mountain that Rides is #7 on the count down. Amazing stuff as the competition from here on out is getting tough to decide on. 

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  1. The mountain is definitely a beast.. Might want to note that he never lost in a fair fight.

    The only reason he eventually died after fighting (and defeating) the red viper, was due to the poison that was on his blade.

  2. Well now, the Red Viper had the mountain beaten fair and square by exhausting him and bleeding him. The mountain was, down, defeated and scewered when the Viper dies due to his own folly. The poison was slow and did not affect the outcome of the duel, only the aftermath. Then again not many people in the past survived a spear through the gut. That is basically a guarantee for infection and a slow tormenting death, even without poison.

    However I am far less convinced that the hound is a better fighter than his brother. Smarter and more mobile yes, but better? We will never know...

  3. His "folly" was essential to his tactics - he constantly verbally challenged the Mountain, which angered him and he lost control over the battle. Oberyn was also strongly motivated for vengeance, which if not composure, would boost both mental and physical abilities (e.g. stamina, endurance, determination). So, I think that it is unfair to separate his actions when he was on the ground from the rest of his battle actions. Imagine if they had fought without Oberyn having his desire for vengeance - might have been different.

    1. Agree to a point. I am in agreement of: the Red Viper fighting him with no thoughts of revenge. Then again, probably what makes t so memorable. Then again it's what makes the fight so memorable.

  4. who the hell is Twylin Lannister