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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dogs of War Online is back in action!

For those that may not know I was largely absent from my website for the Dogs of War this was in no small part due to some of the issues that I went through last year. Suffice of to say 2010 was no the best of years under any circumstances but 2011 is starting off much better.
So with that out of the way I've dusted off the site, cleared out a ton of spambots and installed a few new bits of behind the scenes code to help it from getting so infested with spam registrants.

Last October released M4cR1II3n and crew his awesome take on the 8th edition rules for the 8th Edition Dogs of War rules. So if you are looking for a great rule set for the Dogs of War going forward look no further.

In related news I'm actually starting to formulate a strategy for my own Dogs of War force. What I'm actually going to assemble is a Warband of Nippon for my Dogs of War army! I've been a big fan of the Nippon forces since back in the 3rd Edition Warhammer days and always liked the look of them. Plus Iv'e never really seen a good assembled force or really many at all. Its always been a shame that GW never released an actual army for them. But no matter, between the old range being available (somewhat) on eBay and these guys Curteys Miniatures I think I'm going to be OK for the kind of force I want to assemble.

While the GW range was/is nice for Dogs of War its never really held my interest. Plus add to the fact that in order to get them now its either crazy prices off of the GW UK website or crazy prices off of eBay. Not willing to do either really. As I mentioned thats where these Mounted Samurai from Curtey's come into play: 12 metal minis for $47? yes please, GW should take note.

So with all that as I noted above I'm formulating a plan as most of my Warhammer stuff is packed up in anticipation for a move to a new house. So what I'm doing is seeking out all of the parts that I'm looking for before I start my force. This will be a novel idea for me as I usally acquire minis as I'm painting. Starting off I'm going with the Nippon Rocket Crew from Games Workshop back in the 3rd edition days. and thanks to a few chaps over on Chaos Dwarfs Online I think I'm set with that part. I will be getting the Rocket Launcher and 3 out of the 4 crewmen which is fine with me. Fine because when I run these guys as Dogs of War I plan on using it as a "Count As" Halfling Hot Pot, when used as a "Count As" Empire force I'll use it as a undersized Hellstrom Rocket Battery.

My buddy Baggronor also has informed me that he has some 3rd Edition Games Workshop Ninjas as well. After all, even renegade warband of Nippon Mercs is going to have some ninjas squirreled away inside of it.

Other ideas include: a mounted Giesha for a wizard along the lines of the PC game Shogun: Total War; a band of mercenary dwarfs, a converted unit or from (Curtey's line) of crossbowmen from Cathay. I don't see the Nipponese Samurai or their retainers using crossbows but a mercenary force? Sure in the right hands. This opens up possibilities of a renamed Marksmen or Miglirano renamed as well. Other ideas are a giant, but not as a Eastern giant per say, rather painted up like normal. The reason for this is I want to tie into the Old World as well. This as yet unnamed force has been fighting all over the continent and is made up of various parts. At its core is the Nippon forces yes, but other elements as well. It will be wirds painting the giant in such a manner will make him appear unusual because his supporting troops will look so different.

That's it for now. Drop me a line if you have a read on any of the old 3rd edition Oriental line from Games Workshop.


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