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Monday, December 27, 2010

Hey, Hey! Trying to catch up, brief update for now.

Also on my current Reading list 
Now that the holidays are done and the Word of Hashut is underway I thought I'd take a moment out to talk about my latest readings. As noted to the side as it says I'm reading Glen Cook's The Black Company. However my erstwhile friend Simrion just provided me with book 6 of the Camloud Chronicles (or in Canada, A Dream of Eagles) By Jack Whyte /

This is a great series that I can't say enough about, I have recommended it to a few of my friends and work colleges and thus far no one has disliked it. Without spilling the beans too much it is set in the time of the historical Arthur and gives plausible reasons as to why and how the legends have come down to us the way they have. I say historical arthur by then again that is truly up for debate anyways. I wont spoil it by saying anything further just pick up the series.

Currently I'm on Book 6 The Sorcerer Part 2: Metamorphosis which is  6 out of 9.

Again, highly recommended.

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  1. As a postscript I read this in 2 days; it's that good.